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Benefits of choosing The Swansea Mortgage Broker

Despite being located in Swansea we have nationwide coverage meaning we deal with customers from all over the UK via phone and email correspondence. Given the modern era where information can be available at a few clicks of a button both ourselves and our clients have found this to be the most productive and cost effective method of sourcing mortgages and insurance with us being able to get customers preapproved within hours as opposed to days or weeks with face to face meetings. The benefits of choosing us are:

Someone to handle the whole mortgage process for you

No need to take time off work to attend several lender appointments as we manage the whole process making it relatively stress free for you


If you go direct to lenders there are often weeks before they can sit down with you to discuss your needs – this is done as soon as you enquire directly with us

Right Deal

Rather than going direct to each lender to find out what rates they can offer we can source this for you and also have access to several preferential mortgage exclusives that you won’t get by going direct

Tricky circumstances

Sometimes your circumstances aren’t uniform and a lot of lenders may decline you; we navigate through the tricky criteria to find you suitable lenders then forward the option that works out as the most suitable deal saving you time and effort.

Tailored advice

Many banks aren’t allowed to advise on mortgage products so a lot of the time it almost becomes an order taking service. With us its our jobs to advise on suitable mortgage products to suit your circumstances and find ways to make your solution more cost effective not only now but going forward

Speed of Service

By going through us we typically have faster turnaround times on mortgage responses than by going direct so if time is restricted this can be a major factor

We work for you – not the lender

This ensures that it’s your best interest we have at heart and makes sure you get the level of service you deserve. Working for you, not the lender, also means that we will fight hard with the lender to get your application through to completion as soon as possible.

Ongoing Broker Service

Once you have dealt with and feel comfortable with the professional service we offer, what could be easier over the lifetime of your mortgage than dealing with the same adviser again in the future, one who knows you and your circumstances? We hold all the information regarding your mortgage application and, when your current deal is about to expire, they will have all the facts at hand to offer you a new and competitive product within minutes. Compare this to walking into every high street bank, spending hours at a time, repeating all your personal information… only to finally be offered what we can do in a single call.

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