critical illness cover

Had issues with credit in the past? Been declined by your bank for a mortgage because of credit history? Been told there aren’t any options available to you?

It’s a common situation that we come across daily. Not everyone has a squeaky clean credit history and fortunately there are lenders available that can assist with such matters. They are typically more in depth applications as the lender requires sight of more documentation making the process slightly longer however we are able to locate some solid solutions to assist in tricky circumstances.

What level of bad credit can be considered?

There are lenders on the market that can consider the any of the following current and historic credit problems:

The level of the debt issues will determine which lenders can consider and the interest rates applicable

What Is Critical Illness Cover?

Generally run alongside a life insurance policy, critical illness policies cover an individual for a set period against a number of serious illnesses, diseases and medical conditions. It pays out a single tax-free lump sum on the diagnosis of one of the illnesses specified in the policy details. Diagnosis alone of one of the specified illnesses is sufficient to trigger payment. There is no requirement for loss of earnings or even for special medical treatment. Each critical insurance provider has their own definitions of illness. Pre-existing conditions may be excluded.

We have access to a limited panel of critical illness cover companies, which include some of the biggest name in the protection industry.

It’s a complex product that needs care and attention to ensure the right product is selected – we aim to tailor each policy to meet each individuals circumstances

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