life insurance

A very important product – especially if you have loved ones that depend on you. The question to ask is:

Should I die, would my family be able to continue with the same lifestyle financially?

If the answer isn’t a strong yes then its important to consider getting a policy set up to cover such eventualities

How does Life Insurance Work?

Life Insurance pays out if you die within a set period of time decided by yourself prior to taking out a policy. If you survive the term, it pays out nothing. You might set the term at, say, the number of years until your children are financially independent, or the number of years remaining on your mortgage.

Surely the cheapest policy I can find will suffice?

It isn’t always as simple as choosing the cheapest premium policy you can find as all insurance providers can have hard to understand restrictions and limitations that aren’t always apparent on face value. That’s where we can help to navigate through the options for you for NO cost to yourself.

We have access to a limited panel of Life Insurance companies, which include some of the biggest name in the protection industry.

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