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We have access to several mortgage exclusives that you won’t be able to get by going direct. These are preferential rates negotiated periodically with several mortgage lenders that can offer lower interest rates and/or cheaper lender arrangement fees than the high street rates sometimes even incorporating an element of cashback upon start of mortgage

Refer to our “How we work” page which outlines the benefits

Yes, its important to know how much you can borrow as well as the types of property you will be suitable for given your deposit amounts and income. Ideally, we would get you “pre approved” with a mortgage in principle prior to starting your house search commencing however if you have already located a suitable property we can get you a mortgage in principle sorted within 2 hours typically subject to having the right information from you

Once you provide us with all of the relevant information regarding your circumstances we can quote you and get back to you typically within 2 hours with a response from the most appropriate lender.

The Buy to Let mortgage market is an ever changing one – typically lenders will use the rental income derived from the property in question to determine the maximum loan amount available. Some lenders also take into account your personal finances to see if sustainable. Feel free to call us to discuss in further detail.

Indeed this is an option subject to circumstances – call us on 0800 410 1170 to discuss in detail.

Most lenders will not be able to consider however there are some lenders that can subject to circumstances- call us on 0800 410 1170 to discuss in detail.

We are whole of market mortgage brokers and have access to many “sub-prime” or bad credit friendly mortgage lenders who have more lenient criteria when it comes to a patchy credit history – call us on 0800 410 1170 to discuss in detail

We endeavour to help customers wherever possible and this is a scenario we certainly can look to assist with to save costs your end – call us to discuss further.

No – we assist by not only locating the most suitable deal given your circumstances but also by getting you pre-approved so you know the lender is happy to consider you before preparing a strongly packaged application to go to the chosen lender and we then follow that through until the case is agreed and hopefully intended mortgage offer.

Yes – we often have it where people have been declined directly with other mortgage lenders and get them accepted with an alternative option – call us to discuss.

Of course, we cater to all levels of knowledge, experience and understanding. We go into as much detail as you require to explain not only the mortgage in’s and outs but also the house buying process and what costs you can look to entail ie stamp duty, solicitor fees. We go at your pace.

It’s true that a lot of lenders have set criteria when it comes to non-standard constructions such as thatched roofs, steel/wood frame buildings and a lot of lenders won’t lend against them however we do have access to lenders that are willing to consider subject to valuer’s comments on the valuation report for mortgage purposes. Contact us to discuss and we can send through a quote.

Typically we contact our existing clients 3 – 6 months prior to expire of tie in period to assess up to date deal options. Feel free to contact us to establish a no obligation quote.

Whilst we don’t directly have an agreement with any solicitor firm we do have access to a large panel of solicitors based around the UK that we can source quotes based upon price and reputation and if suitable put the two of you in touch.

We offer free initial mortgage advice and quotes with no obligation. Once you decide to proceed with our services fees can be applicable and are quoted for upfront. We also get commission from the lenders for our work on their behalf – call us on 0800 410 1170 to discuss your circumstances in detail so we can give an accurate quote

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