Fast Mortgages with a Personal Touch

You deserve the best service that saves you time and effort for the more important things in life....

Whole Of Market Mortgages

We have access to over 100 lenders and 1000s of mortgage deal’s that represent the whole of the market including exclusive deals making sure we can locate the most appropriate mortgage for your needs.

Personal Service

I personally advise on every mortgage we take on – a direct point of contact with over 10 years broker experience which means you will receive top quality advice that saves you time and effort

No Upfront Fees

No costs for placing applications ensuring your money and trust in our service works hand in hand meaning you only pay if we get you results

Fast Turnaround

Same day appointments and agreements in principle as we appreciate it’s a fast paced market and don’t want you to miss out on a deal or your dream property

Fast Cost Effective Mortgages This Way....


If you’re like most people you have likely experienced at some stage in your life a service that has been below your expectations. Whether thats going out to a new restaurant and waiting 2 hours for food to be served and it comes out cold or calling your bank for a simple query and waiting on hold whilst you get passed from department to department look for answers. All the while your time is passing by that you will not get back. Time that could have been better spent doing more enjoyable things like planning your holidays


You Can't Buy Time

You could argue that time is more valuable than money. I believe there is a better way to getting your best mortgage

One Advisor, One Contact

My name is Rob and I personally manage every single case we deal with to ensure you will only ever receive the best quality of advice and service. Working this way allow’s for your service to be:


Often allowing you to secure rates before they change during uncertain time

Non Repetitive

Dealing with one centrally managed process allows you direct access to getting the answers you need quicker and easier

The success of our service comes down to:

Flexible Communications

I work flexible hours to work around tricky schedules and to make progress sooner - often replying to emails late into the evenings or on weekends

Admin Support

I'm lucky to have excellent support staff to keep your mortgage process moving toward's your mortgage offer meaning you will be in your dream home sooner or saving money to go toward's the more fun things in life

Start your mortgage journey the smart way by completing the quick enquiry form and I look forward to helping you soon

Find Your New Mortgage Today....

Tell me your mortgage need's and I will contact you to discuss your option's and find you the best mortgage deal for your circumstances

How You Can Make Sure You Get The Right Mortgage At The Right Price

1. Contact Us

Complete our simple online form and we will contact you soon after

2. We'll search for your best mortgage

After we have taken some details from you we will start searching the whole of the market to find your right mortgage

3. We'll handle everything

Once we have located the right lender and deal options we'll take care of the agreement in principle and application process along with all the paperwork for you

4. Until your Mortgage is approved

By asking the right questions and going to the right lenders we can get you the mortgage you need as quickly as possible

Some Of The Lenders We Work With...

We have access to the whole of the market – here are just some of the 100+ mortgage lenders that we work with in order to find the deal that is right for you


Despite being located in Swansea we are actually a UK wide mortgage and insurance brokerage meaning we deal with customers from all over the UK via phone and email correspondence.


Buildings and Contents, Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, Other Insurances.

Find Your New Mortgage Today....

Tell me your mortgage need's and I will contact you to discuss your option's and find you the best mortgage deal for your circumstances